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10 Reasons Why You Need to Drink Lemon Water Every Day


Did you know that the first thing that you should do every morning is drink a tall glass of water?  It immediately recharges your body, wakes you up, and prevents headaches. You know what is even better than plain water? Drinking a warm mug of lemon water. You can even add Apple Cider Vinegar for more healing properties.

Before I drink coffee or workout, I drink 8 oz of lemon water to start my day.  I have found that it preps my body and activates my thirst so that I end up drinking more fluids throughout the day.  I often don’t notice that I’m thirsty and tend to get dehydrated frequently, so that is a huge benefit to my daily routine and water intake.

So, what are the benefits to drinking water infused with lemon?

Here are 10 reasons to incorporate Lemon Water into your morning routine:

  1. Hydrates your body:  Our bodies are made up of water, so when we are dehydrated, it can affect our skin, our brain power and processing abilities.
  2. Detoxifies and cleanses you:  Lemon water filters toxins from your body.
  3. Aids in weight loss: Lemon water is a natural diuretic, so it filters toxins and aids in weight loss.
  4. Lemon alkalizes your body:  It’s important to balance the PH of our bodies.  If you suffer from recurring infections, like yeast, this can be a great preventative.
  5. Boosts your energy:  Drinking water wakes you up and refreshes your body.  I tend to get headaches and it helps prevent them when I drink water upon waking.
  6. Improves digestion:  Why do you think restaurants always provide water?  Water breaks down the food and aids in digestion, so that your body can absorb nutrients.
  7. Antibacterial and antiviral properties:  Lemon water reduces the presence of bacteria in the body that causes disease.
  8. Wards against cancer: Citrus fruits contain compounds that may prevent or combat cancer.
  9. Promotes Healthy Skin:  Have you ever noticed how many wrinkles you have when you are dehydrated?  Lemon water, especially when mixed with collagen, plumps up your skin and makes wrinkles less visible.
  10. Freshens breath:  Dehydration reduces saliva production and increases the amount of bacteria in your mouth, which leads to bad breath.

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And the proof of all of this…well, last night I made the mistake of staying up until 3:30 am Binge Watching The Sinner on Netflix.  Oh my GOD, it’s so good…  I never watch TV and I couldn’t stop myself! Anyway, I woke up with far less sleep than I needed and had a splitting headache.  I drank a huge glass of lemon water and was able to go about my day with energy and not acting like a monster.

So next time you make a pot of coffee, grab a tall glass of lemon water while you wait for it to brew.  

Tell me, do you drink water upon waking?  Have you noticed any benefits from it? Comment below.

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