Agorist Nexus Interview: Why is Agorism Important?


    Agorism is something I hold near to my heart but I’m also aware that the majority of people don’t know what an agorist is, including many who fit the bill.

    Let’s define it:  “Agorism is a social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics, engaging with aspects of peaceful revolution.” (Source: Wikipedia).

    These are the people who try and achieve freedom within their own lives through free markets, that is, voluntary exchange from person to person.

    This can be as simple as someone who bikes to avoid gas taxes.

    Or someone who works and is paid in cryptocurrency. This is the homesteader who sells raw milk even though it’s illegal. Or the homesteader who doesn’t report all their cash sales to the tax agency. It’s basically applied philosophical theory rooted in personal action in the markets be they local or online.

    Let’s face it. One of the biggest obstacles that homesteaders face is the government and its imposed inconveniences, from building permits to property taxes.

    It makes sense to try and reduce as many unnecessary expenses and impositions as possible. Generally speaking, homesteaders are self-sufficient (or nearly so) and not reliant on the state for things anyway, so they don’t benefit as much as those who are more dependent upon the state and are thus more compliant with government edicts. Especially when it means homesteaders can produce and profit more through non-compliance.

    An interview with Brando Agro, Founder of Agorist Nexus

    I write for this blog as well and have seen nothing but well researched and relevant content come from them. They contain a network of known agorist businesses for you to search and interact with so you can start putting your money into the counter-economy.

    In my personal experience agorists are some of the most intelligent and hard-working people.

    Brandon Agro is no exception. I interviewed him to give us his take on agorism. Many aren’t aware but Guru Mama Cat Bleish is also an agorist and has been for years. This too has been a lifestyle for me for going on 8 years now. The level of experience, diversity, and fun that I experience in my life, as a result, makes any struggles and setbacks I have worth it.

    Anyway, without further delay, Agorist Nexus.

    What is Agorist Nexus?

    Brandon: Nexus means a connected group or the central and most important point or place. I’m not saying that’s what Agorist Nexus is yet, but that’s what we aspire to be for Agorists.

    What is your definition of agorism?

    Brandon: People freely interacting and trading with one another.

    Why did you choose agorism?

    Brandon: Agorism chose me.

    Why is agorism important to you?

    Brandon: It’s the most effective way to achieve freedom while bringing down the state.

    How long have you been an agorist?

    Brandon: I’ve been an agorist all my life without realizing it. I helped my grandfather pick crops that he grew on a nice plot of land when I was younger. I used to go to farmers’ markets, garage sales, and watched my grandfather harvest honey from his bees. Later, I sold marijuana when I was a teenager (this was when it was highly illegal in all 50 states). I also sold Vicodin. My first job, I was paid under the table, working at a fairly large llama ranch. I fell in love with an illegal immigrant. I sell beer I homebrew, and I use crypto in my daily life.

    If you could get everyone in the world to understand one thing about agorism, what would it be?

    Brandon: It’s voluntary free trade without coercion. Something I think we’d all do normally in our daily lives

    How is agorism different from anarchism or libertarianism?

    Brandon: Anarchism or Anarchocapitalism is the same thing as libertarianism to me. The opposite of authoritarianism is libertarianism. Meaning zero state. So true libertarianism is Anarchocapitalism. Agorism has aspects of peaceful revolution or evolution. It is the trade and action side of the coin. Agorism works, for example, by contributing to the downfall of coercive and violent states such as the Soviet Union by way of free trade. If you want sources and more information we have an article on Agorist Nexus called Savior in the Shadows.

    What is your favorite part of being an agorist?

    Brandon: The connections that I’ve made.

    If you could go back in time, what would you do differently about your agorism journey?

    Brandon: Buy more crypto.

    What’s the biggest difficulty you have faced as an agorist?

    Brandon: Trying to find ways around the banking system, which is what the majority of people use today.

    Do you have a favorite agorist?

    Brandon: Sek3. (Samuel E Konkin 3)

    What sources of information do you have for people new to agorism to help get them started?

    Brandon: 40+ articles on Agorist Nexus

    9 Great starting articles

    1. How to Obscure Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Transactions
    2. Agorism And Breaking The Chains Of The State
    3. The Moral Foundation of Agorism
    4. Agorism and the Law
    5. Take a Step
    6. Toward a Vision of Agorist Justice
    7. Birth Of An Agorist
    8. You Need To Be A Grey Man – Here’s How
    9. How to Become a Pirate: Counter-Economics in the Time of Covid-19

    As you can tell there’s an emphasis on the unfettered voluntary exchange between people actually put into action by living what you want to see. I wrote this article recently on agorism that’s playful informative that might help you gain greater understanding. Thanks for reading, until next time!

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