Ask a Guru: Marjory Wildcraft of The Grow Network


    Hey homesteaders, we are testing out something new and exciting on the Homesteading/Survivalism Facebook Page.

    This Sunday March 6th, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST, Marjory Wildcraft, founder of the Grow Network and host of the 2016 Homegrown Food Summit, will be hosting an Ask a Guru session on the Homesteading/Survivalism page.

    Ask a Guru is similar to Ask Me Anything on Reddit except the Guru will be answering any question you have about homesteading.

    To participate, follow these instructions:

    1. Head over to any time from 5:30 to 7:30.
    2. Find the graphic post where we will be doing the session.
    3. Ask any homesteading, survival, or gardening question you may have by posting the question as a comment on the Ask a guru post that will be live at 5:30 PM.
    4. David will then reply to your comment and take it from there.


    Marjory Wildcraft is the founder of the [Grow] Network, which is the online home of a global network of people who produce their own food and medicine.  “Home grown food on every table” is the solution.  Marjory was featured as an expert in sustainable living by National Geographic, she speaks at Mother Earth News Festivals, and is a regular guest on Cost to Coast AM.  She is an author of several books, but is best known for her video series “Grow Your Own Groceries” which has over a half million copies in use by homesteaders, foodies, preppers, universities, and missionary organizations around the world. Marjory is the host of the annual “Home Grown Food Summit” which features best-selling authors, research institutes, and thought leaders in backyard food production.

    Come prepared with the homesteading questions that have been hounding you.  If this goes well, you can expect many more Ask a Guru sessions in the future!

    The Ask a Guru sessions are in anticipation of the upcoming FREE online 2016 Homegrown Food Summit taking place all next week and starting March 7th.  

    For more information or to register online, follow this link: 2016 Homegrown Food Summit

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