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Best Homesteading and Wild Food Games for Kids


1. Wild Cardswildcards

These playing cards come with 52 different wild and edible foods. Perfect for your next camping or hiking trip!

2. WildCraft


This educational and cooporative board game teaching young children about edible wild foods and medicinal plants / herbs.

3. Kid’s Herb Book

kids herb book

This book comes with all your child needs to learn how to utilize herbs!  Make your own potions, remedies and salves. This book includes chants and songs to help your child remember what they are learning!

4. Medicinal Plants Coloring Book

coloring book

This coloring book teaching your children about wild medicinal plants while working on their fine motor skills! They will learn about 44 wild herbs and how to identify them.

5. Butterfly Garden Gift Set with Live Caterpillars 

This awesome kit allows your children to watch caterpillars go through their metamorphism into a butterfly!  Set them free once they hatch and discuss their importance in your garden. 

6. Wilderness and Wilderness Survival Playing Cards61nBS24rzXL._SY355_

This double-deck of playing cards is another excellent addition to any hiking or camping trip. One deck provides tips on how to survive while in the wild, the other gives tips on how to eat in the wild!

7. Gathering a Garden

gardening game

Collect items to put into your garden.  Learn about the importance of growing your own food while having fun with friends!

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Angel Chavis
8 years ago

These are some really neat products to teach kids about nature and get them interested in it.