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Our First Year Using Coschedule Was a HUGE Success


Coschedule is AMAZING!

Coschedule has benefited our website in huge dynamic ways. It has simplified our social media posting routine, increased our revenue, increased our traffic and alexa ranking, and simply made my job MUCH EASIER!

Social Media Scheduling

Coschedule has allowed me to take my website form a hobby to a business almost immediately. No longer do I have to manually schedule posts on dozens of facebook pages, pinterest boards, and twitter – I can now with the click of a button send one story out to dozens of places. This has cut the time it takes me to load up stories to social media by 90%.

As you can see, our calendar is VERY full and has a lot to keep track of. If I were still doing all of this manually I would simply not be able to post as much as I do.

Improved Ranking:

This has GREATLY increased our Alexa ranking, and has (in my opinion) been why were are one of the few sites to overcome the facebook algorithm change that took place in the summer of last year.

As you can see here our Alexa ranking dipped dramatically when the facebook algorithm changed (another reason I began to focus on SEO and not just rely on social media!):

When you compare that to some of the sites we work with /partner with / or post on the same social media pages as, you can see their their alexa ranking was unable to recover from the algorithm change:

I truly believe that this software has allowed me to scrape my way back up, tooth and nail, post by post, partnership by partnership.  To be clear, there has been a LOT of non-coschedule effort put in to overcome this algorithm change, but honestly, it would not have been possible without coschedule.

Educational Resources

Not only do we utilize the social media posting function, but I have cherished coschedule’s vast educational resources. I regularly refer to their PDF about creating headlines that get clicks, and we use their headline analyzer to ensure are headlines are in line with best practices.

I regularly receive emails from coschedule with updated SEO, viral, and email marketing tips – while I don’t read every single one, the ones I click are always resourceful and shared with my entire team. They are on the cutting edge of online marking information, and I turn to their resources above any others.

Increased Revenue

We realized the power of coschedule after our first 2 week trial – you can see in this blog post from a year ago that our revenue increased dramatically during the month of May when we trialed the software:

To show you how the revenue has stayed high since we started using coschedule, here is a comparison of the revenue from April/May of 2016 and 2017:

In this example the dark blue is this year (2017) and the orange is last year (2016). You can see that when we started using coschedule (May 2016) the revenue skyrocked – and has stayed high a year later!

Tracking Codes

I think my most favorite part about using coschedule is how it automatically generates tracking codes. Not only can I track how much ad revenue comes in from each story, but I can track how much each social media account is bringing in!!!!!

For example, here are the top 20 traffic sources for the past calendar year (actual revenue excluded, sorry folks):

Having access to this information has been VERY VALUABLE – it allowed me to see what social media accounts I should be leaning into for revenue generation, and has allowed me to tweak our strategy to one of greater profitability!

I seriously cannot understate what a valuable resources this it. Its paid for itself and more the first month we used it, and has ever since. IN FACT, I took about 5 months off of blogging and ONLY used their automated posting function to re-post old stories and the website broke even or better every single one of those months!

Stellar Customer Service

The truth is I feel like I have developed a relationship with the team at coschedule over the past year. They are super supportive and will give me a good long 30 minute tutorial on new aspects of their software that I am testing out. They respond quickly via email and are willing to meet with me and my editor to help us figure out any issues that we may be having. I have also beta tested some of their new software additions and have had a lot of fun getting them meaningful feedback. They are amazing!

Learn More:

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

You can support The Homestead Guru by signing up for coschedule via this link.

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