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Five Off the Grid Houses Built for Less than $5,000 Each


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Ever wanted to live in an off the grid cabin that you built yourself but didn’t think you had the time, money, or know how? Well here are five examples of off the grid homes that were built by relative amateurs each for under $5,000!

1. The $500 Log Cabin

This log cabin was built in just eight months by a man with zero construction experience and his church youth group. The cabin is 10′ x 10′ and comprised of 52 logs. The floor is set on 9 patio stones with 2″ x 4″s making up the support structure. The only machine used throughout the entire process, besides traditional hand tools, was a chainsaw!

2. The $2,000 Solar Cabin

Built for less than $2,000, this 14′ x 14′ cabin uses concrete deck piers for the corners with 2″ x 6″s and 2″ x 8″s making up the floor joists. The floor is insulated for the cold season and the cabin includes a loft for extra space.

3. The $4,000 Hobbit House

This earthen “hobbit house” was built in four months for less than $5,000! It was made with reclaimed lumber and salvaged materials and is 100% off the grid. The home has spring sourced water, a composting toilet, and natural heating and cooling.

hobbit house

Learn more about the Hobbit House here: http://www.beingsomewhere.net/hobbit.htm

4. The $5,000 Tiny House Camper Conversion

This inexpensive tiny home was built in one year atop the frame of an old model camper. The home is inhabited by a family of five! They got many of the materials to build their home for feee on Craigslist and from friends. They are excited about their reduced living expenses, lower energy consumption, and uncluttered new life.

5. The $5,000 Earthbag Home

This earthbag home was built by a man and his girlfriend in 2009. The total cost to build the 450 square foot house was less than $5,000. Like most of the other homes on this post, the builder had little to no experience when he started. With this home, he simply followed the instructions in a book on building earthen homes. He feels great about no longer having to pay rent!


Learn more about this earthbag home here: https://www.alternativehomestoday.com/blog/off-the-hamster-wheel-morgan-s-5000-earthbag-house

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Ric Shorten, Sr.
Ric Shorten, Sr.
8 years ago

Show me your zoning approvals and your building permits? Oh…none ah?

8 years ago

The 14×14 cabin belongs to LaMar Alexander. It’s pretty amazing & I used to follow him when time permitted. Look on Yahoo or YouTube for simple solar homesteading. I figured I’d pitch him since he’s been a huge inspiration to me


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Building A Homestead
6 years ago

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