Can you really harness your intuition with your diet?


    Over the past year, I’ve became increasingly spiritual and in-tune with my intuition. I’ve developed it through practices such as meditation and journaling, that allow my mind to slow down and tap into my inner voice.

    Well, my inner voice has been pretty disgusted by meat, is craving fresh food, and wondering if grains and dairy are contributing to my exhaustion and overall lack of energy. I am still eating my normal diet, but can see myself cutting out meat and dairy eventually.

    I have found myself questioning my current diet and with this questioning, I’ve come across literature and podcasts that discuss the link between increased spirituality and your bodies need for dietary changes to increase your vibration. Are you wondering, what does it even mean to raise your vibration?

    I have come across podcasts that discuss the link between not eating meat and harnessing your intuition. Apparently, “the purer the food you eat, the better your intuitive ‘connection’”. In fact, it’s known that meat, cheeses, and starches actually ground you when you want less intuitive input.

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    The reason I find all of this so fascinating is because I was my most intuitive when I was pregnant with my son. My intuition led me to deeper spirituality and within that I was led to natural living, attachment parenting, hypnosis, and a home-birth. You know what I hated eating? Meat.

    Anyone else on the spiritual path? Have you noticed your diet changing? Comment below!

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    Angie White
    Angie White
    5 years ago

    Wow I agree wholeheartedly.
    And I love every thing you wrote in your bio.
    Love from another single mamma on a similar path. ❤️