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How to Make Easy Pumpkin Puree in the Instant Pot!


It’s that time of year and while the seasons are not changing like I am used to from childhood (I’m a girl from the snow belt living in southern Mexico’s Acapulco Bay), I have determined it’s time for pumpkin and so have the local grocery stores.  These imported California Sugar Baby Pumpkins are 50 pesos each just about everywhere I see them and I bought these two to make into pie.

I came across an Instant Pot post where someone shared that they put the whole pumpkin in the pot with good success for producing puree, citing it was easy to peel and remove the seeds after cooking.  It was then that I decided to cook these in the instant pot, although I cut one up to both make it fit better and to harvest the seeds so I can grow these here for myself and my animals.

I started by cutting off the stem.  For the one I left whole, this was all I did. I left it whole and ruined the seeds partially as a test to see if it was as easy as advertised and it is, almost temptingly so.

I cut the other one in half and removed the seeds.  From there I just cut it down into the pieces needed to fit in the pot.  Leave the skin on until it’s cooked, you can just peel it off with your fingers.

Set on manual for 30 minutes high pressure and put on the lid in the locking position.

Worked like a charm.

Very sweet and familiar smelling.

I just took the pieces out and peeled off the skin.  Any seeds I scooped out. It was already basically puree when it came out so no further work was needed. Just use, or store and freeze until later.  You could also can this to but I’ll admit I have not.

Ingredients and Materials

2 sugar baby pumpkins
1 cup water
Instant Pot

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How it’s Done:

1)Cut the stem off of one pumpkin, set it inside the instant pot on the trivet.
2) Cut the stem off the other, cut it in half and scoop out as much of the seeds as possible.
3) Cut the pieces down as needed to fit in the spaces around the pumpkin.  I managed to fit two in with no issues.
4) Add a cup of water to the instant pot.
5) Put on the locking lid into the locked position.
6) Set the instant pot on manual for 30 minutes.
7) Allow to natural release.
8) Open the instant pot and peel the pieces setting the cooked skin and seeds aside to compost.
9) Fill freezer safe container and freeze until ready to use.

Anywhere where regular pumpkin puree is used you can use this.  It’s a great use of the pressure cooker and I got a whole liter of pumpkin puree out of those two pumpkins without having to turn on my oven.

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