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CD’s For Chickens? Ways To Keep your Chickens Entertained



There are so many reasons to keep your chickens entertained: chickens need entertainment is so that they won’t cause trouble, if you keep your hens happy it will improve the production of eggs, or maybe you just love your pets and want what’s best for them, or perhaps you want to be amused by your chickens antics! Chickens are curious and interested in the world around them, but the main things that will catch their attention are food and shiny things. Food is the main driving force for chickens. Toys that involve eating are going to be the most popular, and therefore, the most useful.

With that in mind, here are some ideas you may want to try.

— Given the fact that chickens love to peck, try hanging a cabbage in the chicken coop and watch them have at it.

— In the autumn, make a pile of leaves with hidden treats for your chickens to play in!

— Hang old CD’s around their coop or run. Chickens love the shiny things!

— Chickens also love rotten logs because they can spend hours searching for yummy treats like insects and slugs. You can also spread chunky peanut butter on the log or even pack it with bananas!

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— A kong-type toy like your dog plays with is fun for hens, too. Fill with frozen peas and watch them roll it around to get at the treats.

— Toss small pieces of fruits and vegetables into the air so the chickens can jump and grab them. Fruits and veggies will keep chickens entertained for hours. They love grapes and berries.

-Dangle a cucumber with a rope through it so they can jump up, peck at it, and eat it.

Make sure all the chickens are rewarded equally! Squabbling can break out if there is too much competition and some of the chickens don’t ever get treats. Flocks will often compete anyway, but if it crosses the line into overly-aggressive behavior, you will need to make an effort to play with only half the flock at a time so everyone has a chance.

Remember to moderate your chickens physical activities it’s not good for chickens to constantly run, jump, and chase stuff. Chickens tend to over strain themselves when playing for food so once or twice a week should be plenty of exercise for your chickens!


Keeping these things in mind there are tons of ideas for you and your pet chickens to try check out some more ideas for your crazy coop!

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