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Salt, Vinegar, Eating, and Other Ways to Naturally Remove Weeds From Your Garden



Every Gardener knows the struggle of weeds invading their herbs, fruits, and veggies in their gardens. If you are using sprays to kill weeds, it’s important to know the damage herbicides actually cause. While most modern herbicides are designed and said to kill only plants and have little or no toxicity to humans, that is not actually the case. Many herbicides still have extreme consequences in the environment and affect insects, pollinators such as bees, and wildlife. The chemicals also leach into the water systems, where they kill beneficial aquatic plants and fish. Making natural alternatives to rid your garden of pesky weeds not only vital to the well being of your garden, but to the entire planet!

Here are 5  all natural easy and effective ways to rid your garden of weeds for good!

1. Pull them

A little hard work reaps the best harvest! For weeds close to your herbs or veggies in raised beds and containers, it’s often the best way to go. Pull slowly from the base of the weed to guarantee the success of collecting the entirety of the root. If the soil is compacted feel free to stick a knife down in the ground to loosen the dirt before pulling your weed up. A great way to recycle your weeds is to add them to your compost pile, the weeds will decompose and be used for the benefit of your garden!

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2. Pour vinegar on them

Douse the weeds in your garden in vinegar or even the pickle juice you have left in a jar and those weeds will be dead a couple days later. The vinegar method works best on weeds with long taproots it completely extinguishes the entirety of the plant.

3. Salt them

No, salt circles are not just for witchcraft, sprinkling salt along pathways will not only keep the bad spirits away but it will also kill those pesky weeds! Rock salt is the best, but table salt will work as well.

4. Pour Boiling water on them

Drain your leftover cooking water directly onto the weeds, a splash of scalding hot water will shrivel even the toughest of weeds in a matter of days!


5. Eat them

Many weeds are edible and have an array of medicinal properties such as dandelions, dock and chicory, which can all be eaten raw in a salad or cooked like fresh spinach. Check out my article about eating Dandelions here.

Now the next time one of these invaders pokes it’s head out of the ground, you will have many safe, natural, and chemical free alternatives to try!


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