Killing the Rainforest, Are the U.S. and China in this together?


    “China more than doubled its wood imports from the Congo Basin between 2001 and 2015, the study found, and most of the cheap furniture it exported was headed for the United States.”

    – Return to Now

    The second largest rainforest in the world in Central Africa’s Congo Basin is disappearing, despite local laws against deforestation.

    To be clear, I’m not an environmentalist nor would I use government to force anyone to do something or not. I believe things change once the culture awakens.

    Africa has been affected by Deforestation since the dawn of time. Corporations and governments both support the destruction of earth for their own profit. This is not a new idea. Mining and the chopping of trees and then mining the petrified chopped trees has been happening since the dawn of earth.

    There’s never been any reason to kill thousands of trees in the rainforest or drill for earth blood, yet it happens in mass.

    Even during Christmas everyone gets together to worship around a cut tree. Why is it not a tree with roots that we worship? Just a thought.

    A new study out of the University of California names China and the United States as the primary culprits.

    – Wiley Online Library

    As a homestead guru, I’m always thinking of solutions. Usually Rocks and Cob come to mind. A thriving forest can serve you more dead wood then you can burn through the winter. Cut that forest down, and it provides just a short lived happiness.

    Many people believe that deforestation also alludes to the water leaving an area, and many have believed and proved that if you bring back the plants, you can bring back the water.

    Another solution would be to buy used furniture or find furniture being given away on the side of the road. In the cities you could fill a home in a weekend. The waste is in abundance.

    There is a way to save the trees, and it comes down to each and every one of us evolving and changing the very lifestyle we been fed.  

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