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Studies Show Jasmine is a Natural Anxiety Supplement


My Natural Anxiety Supplement Found Atop a Mountain

The first time I ever smelled jasmine, I was atop a mountain on the edge of a cliff in a rental home overlooking the city of Acapulco, Mexico. I had taken my dog out to the garden to pee at sunrise and while waiting for him, I became aware of an intensely sweet floral smell. It was intoxicating. I searched until I found the source; a plant of small white flowers nestled in between some bougainvillea and lucky nut tree.

I hadn’t yet engaged in my other anxiety-relieving routine of smoking weed, yet I felt strangely calm. In those days I’d wake up every day with crippling anxiety. However, when the jasmine would bloom in the garden everything seemed to be “less bad.” Now, I have a plant outside my front door, literally on a pedestal. I’m waiting for the next blooms so I can be once again engulfed in the smell.

Jasmine anxiety supplement
Jasmine Flowers

Study Confirms Jasmine is a Fragrant Healer

So, it was no surprise to me to learn that studies have found that jasmine provides natural anxiety relief. But the news is better than that! These studies show a link between the use of jasmine essence and the relief of anxiety and other stress disorders. Jasmine relieves: stress, depression, fatigue, menstrual cramps, menopause and is even considered an aphrodisiac. Turns out those terpenes in the flower combined just perfectly to provide medicine with just a sniff. Is it any wonder that we call her mother nature?

Understanding Mother Natures Natural Remedies

Researchers found that by exposing rats to jasmine essence, the rodents calmed and became sedate almost immediately. The scent caused them to “cease all activity and sit quietly in a corner”.

How does it work? Jasmine’s scent directly impacts a brain/central nervous system chemical known as GABA, which results in the calming of the nerves, a soothing of anxiety/mild depression, and the facilitating of rest. The researchers tested hundreds of different scents and found that jasmine was more effective by more than 5 times.

From Solara Mental Health, “Scientists went on to say that this demonstrated link between jasmine aroma and relaxed mood may be among the strongest arguments in support of the viability of aromatherapy as a mental health treatment method.”

Jasmine anxiety supplement

How to Use this “Gift of God”  to Calm Your Nerves

Natural doctors prescribe Jasmin as an anxiety supplement to directly replace sedatives, sleeping aids, and relaxants without the concern for dependency or other negative side effects. The word “jasmine” comes from the Persian word “Yasmin” which translates to the “gift of God.” It seems humanity has had an understanding of the healing qualities of this flower for a lot longer than modern-day scientists. Now we just understand the method.

There’s a direct link between stress and oxygen levels. It’s been proven that if there are lots of toxins in the air, then stress levels will rise as the body becomes physically stressed by its environment. Grow a jasmine plant near and in your living spaces to help with moods and to clean toxins from the air by ingesting our CO2. Everyone can benefit from a little garden growing in their house. So get a jasmine plant

You can also ingest the jasmine essence added in your favorite tea. It will give the proper effect for smell once brewed and actually tastes pretty good too, even without sugar because of the sweet nature of the flower scent.

You can also use jasmine essence in your diffuser. Fill your home with the scent of jasmine and let your family, house guests, and even pets benefit from the natural healing and anxiety-relieving power of this “gift from God.”

Peace of Mind Wherever I roam

When I lived atop that mountain, my experience and intuition were that this beautifully fragrant plant had healing effects. But I couldn’t be certain it wasn’t just the placebo effect. I’d go and pick flowers off, cup them in my hands and breathe deep so I could taste and smell them at the same time. Now science has confirmed what my body and mind already knew. Jasmine is great as an anxiety supplement. Mother nature can provide us with all that we need to be healthy. I miss my home in the mountains—the view, the garden, and the boulders. Luckily, I was able to bring Jasmine along with me on my new adventures.


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