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The World’s Ten Strangest Plants


Check Out These Strange Plants!

Mother nature is a powerful beast who has created some very strange plants!  From animal eating, to water storage, these plants are unlike most of the ones you will find on your homestead!

  1. The Banyan Tree – Native to India. Puts down rope like branches that turn into other trunks. The largest one has 1,700 trunks!
  2. The Shy Plant – This tropical “weed” reacts immediately (within a 1/10 of second) to touch, causing the plant to close up and wilt. This deters animals from eating it while grazing.
  3. The Bottle Tree – There are eight species of these trees. They not only look like bottles, but can hold up to 80 gallons of water. Also native to India and Africa. It is the native tree of Madagascar, feeds monkeys, and can live 500 year.
  4. The Resurrection Plant – A Desert Plant somewhere between a moss and a fern. Can be neatly desiccated without being destroyed. In drought it curls into a tight wad, then uncurls when wet.
  5. The Baseball Plant – Nearly extinct, this plant has been harvested by collectors. It looks exactly like a baseball, and is a popular ornamental plant. It is highly toxic.
  6. The Venus Fly Trap – This famous plant was named after the goddess of sex and love because of its vagina-like shape. The hairs on the plant are ultra sensitive and when touched trigger the trapping function of the plant.
  7. The Onion of the Desert – Only grows in South Africa. Composed of only 2 leaves that grow continuously throughout its lifespan of 400 to 1500 years. The plant can survive 5 years with no rain!
  8. Corpse Flower (The World’s Largest Flower) – One single blossom grows to up to 3 feet in height and is very rare. Its bloom lasts only 3 to 7 days. No roots, stems, or fruit. It can contain 7 quarts of water.
  9. The Corpse Flower (a second plant known by this name) – A tall flower cluster that grows taller than adult men. It attracts insects with an aroma that mimics the smell of dead animal. It is protected by law.
  10. The Red Tide – Extra Nutrients and weather patterns can bring in a particular algae that turns the water red – this neurotic algae is eaten by shell fish and can then kill the people who eat the shellfish!

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