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Down the Vaccine Rabbit Hole, Human Experimentation: “The Government Would Never Do That!”


Human Experimentation and its Ties to Vaccines

I recently decided that it was time to turn my hobby & skill for research & synthesis to the topic of vaccines, as this is one of the most emotionally charged and factually confusing topics in the global conversation right now.

I’ve already learned a lot of things about this debate, and how far the mainstream conversation is from actually looking at the most important factors. As my preliminary research has led me to pages of notes, hundreds of bookmarks, dozens of documentaries & books, and an ever-increasing number of studies to read, I’ve realized that this will necessarily be a multi-part series.

So, before even approaching the topic of vaccines themselves, let’s explore the world in which we’re living, the history of the US government & its corporate confederates when it comes to scientific testing on unknowing masses, violating informed consent, and an extreme lack of concern for human health & life.

What is informed consent?
One of the main defenses that is used by those who choose to go along with whatever government & corporations are attempting to push is the idea that doctors are required to give informed consent. According to the American Medical Association:

Informed consent to medical treatment is fundamental in both ethics and law. Patients have the right to receive information and ask questions about recommended treatments so that they can make well-considered decisions about care. Successful communication in the patient-physician relationship fosters trust and supports shared decision making.

I’ve found it rather tricky finding a definitive, concrete definition for informed consent, everything seems to simply talk about how there should be conversation, questions answered, etc.

One of the main purposes of this article is to show that the US government, and various corporate contractors & collaborators have consistently shown a complete lack of concern for informed consent, except when it suits their purposes. In addition, something that most don’t seem to know is that, according to the CDC, informed consent is not required for vaccinations anyway.

20181009 13_21_51Vaccination Requirements and Laws _ CDC.png

US government human experimentation
Alright folks, I hope you’re ready to dive into some intense history… Here I’m going to provide a collection of known, admitted cases where the US government used unknowing humans for experimentation, knowingly & unknowingly poisoned humans, and forced “treatments” on the unwilling. I’m not going to cover every case (partially because many of them are still classified and many of them we will never know about), but the following is still a pretty comprehensive list.

San Quentin Prison Testicle Removals & Replacements (1913-1951)

For almost 4 decades, Dr. Leo Stanley was the chief surgeon & coroner of San Quentin Prison, where he oversaw executions, did autopsies, and also took it upon himself to conduct various experiments on prisoners, including transplanting the testicles of the recently executed into others, replacing mens’ testicles with those of goats, rams, boars and deer, sterilized them, and more.

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Unlike many of the other experiments on this list, these ones don’t have nearly as much documentation, so it’s quite hard to know exactly what he did. Over his time at San Quentin, we know that he sterilized over 600 men and did transplants on more than 1000 more. In 1935, he posted this note in the yard:

Recent research workers claim the cutting of the G string in the male increases his general health and vigor.

This simple operation prevents the man from producing children, but it does not interfere with his normal pleasures. In fact, it is claimed that sexual vigor is increased.

With local anesthesia the tube which carries the “Seed” from the testicles is cut. This operation does not lay the patient up. Men having syphilis are less likely to transmit this disease if sterilized.

Anyone who wishes to have this procedure done on him may apply at
the line for sterilization.

Further Reading: The Strange Career of Leo Stanley: Remaking Manhood and Medicine at San Quentin State Penitentiary, 1913 –1951, Providentia, Atlas Obscura, First to Know

The Tuskegee Experiment (1932-1972)

This one most of you have probably heard of. The official name of this experiment was Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male, it began in 1932, and it continued for 40 years. The US “Public Health Service” & the Tuskegee University recruited around 600 poor, black sharecroppers in Tuskegee, Alabama, telling them that they had “bad blood”, and offering them free medical care, free meals, and free burial insurance. They told the men that the experiment would run for 6 months, never mentioned syphilis, and also didn’t mention that the medical “treatment” would consist only of observation, and would not include any attempt to treat or cure their “bad blood”.

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In the 1940s, penicillin became the standard treatment for syphilis, but was never offered to the men being experimented on in Tuskegee, who still had no idea that they had the disease, and who were never given an opportunity to leave the “study”. Over the following decades, the effects of untreated syphilis that this study found were consistently reported in medical journals, without any mention of the fact that the lack of treatment was intentional. In 1966 Peter Buxton raised concerns about the experiment, and in 1972 he leaked documents to the Associated Press, who broke the story. By that point, a quarter of them were dead.

In 1973 a class-action lawsuit was filed, and the survivors & families were awarded ~$9,000,000 ($16,000 each) in an out of court settlement (meaning the government didn’t have to admit fault). In 1997 Bill Clinton made an official apology to the last couple of survivors.

Further Reading: CDC Timeline, Washington Post, TIME Magazine, NY Times, Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Wikipedia

Puerto Rico: The Operation / Law 116 (1936-1960)

In 1898, the United States gained governance of the now-territory of Puerto Rico from the Spanish government. In 1936 the US-led government passed Law 116, making sterilization legal and free, while offering NO other options for birth control on the island. Between the economic pressures and the use of euphemisms like “tying tubes”, many studies have shown that women often did not understand that the operation was permanent, and many did not feel they had any other choice.

In 1965 the Puerto Rican “Department of Health” found that of women aged 20-49, 34% of them had been sterilized. In 1968, Puerto Rican demographer Dr. Jose Vasquez Calzada found the number amongst that same group to 35.3%. That’s right, over the course of 30 years, more than one third of Puerto Rican women were sterilized.

Further Reading: CWLU, University of Pittsburgh, Puerto Rico: A Case Study of Population Control, Stanford, Bibliography by University of Wisconsin, Eugenics Archive

Guatemala STD Experiment (1946-1955)

In order to “test the efficacy of penicillin”, the “National Institute of Health” & “Public Health Service” ran an experiment in Guatemala (led by John C. Cutler, who was also involved in the Tuskegee experiment) wherein they infected as many as 5000 people (ranging from age 10-72) with syphilis, gonorrhea, or chancroid. Some were soldiers, some were prisoners, and some were in mental institutions. The experiment included paying infected prostitutes to sleep with men, and when that wasn’t effective enough they would pour syphilis onto scrapes made on the mens’ skin, and finally through spinal puncture. The reason for choosing these particular groups of people is that it eliminated any need for consent, and NONE of those involved ever consented to the experiment. Various treatments were tested, as well as simply observing & recording the progress of the diseases.

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In 2003, Professor Susan M. Reverby did an investigation into the works of Cutler after he died, and brought this story to light for the first time. In 2010, Obama apologized for these “crimes against humanity”, and in 2012 a class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of the victims & their families, which the “Justice Department” moved to dismiss. The case was never heard, and the court wrote:

the Guatemala Study is a deeply troubling chapter in our Nation’s history. Yet…this Court is powerless to provide any redress to the plaintiffs. The pleas are more appropriately directed to the political branches of our government, who, if they choose, have the ability to grant some modicum of relief to those affected by the Guatemala Study.

No “relief” was ever offered or given, but 1 day after the motion to dismiss was filed, the “Department of Health & Human Services” announced it would fund $1.8 million to improve treatment & prevention of HIV in Guatemala…

Further Reading: NIH, ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, NY Times, Ethically Impossible by StanfordWikipedia

Project Green Run (1949)

In December of 1949, General Electric in conjunction with the Department of Defense released 7,780 curies of iodine-131, along with 20,000 curies of xenon-133 (many thousands of times what was released at Three Mile Island) over the course of seven hours into the atmosphere around the Hanford Site Plutonium Production Facility. The site released radioactive materials routinely for the length of its activity, but that winter was by far the largest release, with the stated intention of testing their ability to track radiation as it moved through the air & water.

Not only was consent not asked of the thousands affected by this experiment, they weren’t even told that it happened. The event was secret until 1986, and it wasn’t until 2005 that survivors finally had the chance to take it to court, though I haven’t been able to find the results.

Further Reading: Department of Energy, Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project, Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, American Physical Society, HanfordProject.com, Wikipedia

The Holmesburg Program (1951-1974)

The Holmesburg Prison in Pennsylvania held around 1200 inmates. The prison had a long history of violence, including when, during a hunger strike in 1938, guards locked 25 leaders of the strike in an area known as the “bake ovens”, turned the temperature to 190 Fahrenheit, and by the time the door was opened, four had “roasted to death”.

In 1951, dermatologist Albert Kligman was called in to help with an outbreak of athlete’s foot. Upon arriving, he had this to say:

“All I saw before me were acres of skin”… “It was like a farmer seeing a field for the first time.” (Kligman told a newspaper reporter in 1966)

Over the following 23 years, the inmates of Holmesburg were used in dozens of experiments including being injected with Dioxin (key ingredient in Agent Orange) in a study paid for by DOW Chemical to prove it was safe, having their fingernails torn out, testing more than 250 potential chemical weapons, injection of Staphylococcus aureus, radiation poisoning, and MUCH more.

The prisoners all “consented” to these trials, although they were not told of the long-term potential side-effects, or what exactly was happening much of the time, and were offered payment (sometimes as much as $800) for participating, far more than they could earn any other way in the prison. One of them is quoted as saying:

“I was in prison with a low bail. I couldn’t afford the monies to pay for bail. I knew that I wasn’t guilty of what I was being held for. I was being coerced to plea bargain. So, I thought, if I can get out of this, get me enough money to get a lawyer, I can beat this. That was my first thought.”

Further Reading: Acres of Skin: Human Experiments at Holmesburg Prison (Amazon & Google Books), Baltimore Sun, Pennsylvania Gazzette, NY Times, Wikipedia

Operations Drop Kick & Big Buzz (1955-1956)

In order to study the efficacy of using mosquitoes as a weapon to spread viral infection, over the course of two years the US Army released just shy of 1 million mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) over Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida. After releasing the mosquitoes, they tracked them to see how quickly & how far they spread, and how many people they bit, to calculate the overall cost/death if they were to use yellow fever infected mosquitoes.

Officially, none of the mosquitoes were infected. Obviously not a single person was asked if they were willing to participate in this experiment.

Further Reading: Declassified US Army Document, Wikipedia: Big Buzz, Wikipedia: Drop Kick, United Press International

Puerto Rico: Testing the Birth Control Pill (1955-1956)

GD Searle came up with its first “birth control pill” and was quite hopeful on its success in the US, but needed a larger-scale clinical trial to get it approved by the FDA. They decided that Puerto Rico would be a perfect test case, because it was considered to be overpopulated, it was close to the US, and birth control was already legal there, with 67 clinics in the territory. The experiment was run by Gregory Pincus and John Rock, and strongly backed by Margaret Sanger (a known eugenecist).

At the time, the only options for birth control in Puerto Rico were abortion & sterilization, so they found no lack of women interested in volunteering. Most of the women were illiterate, which was seen as beneficial since they wouldn’t understand the potential risks.

More from the Homestead Guru:  Synergistic Destruction: How Vaccines and GMOs Converge to Fuel Autism and Neurodegenerative Conditions

In order to do “good science”, of course some of the women were given placebos (though they didn’t know it, and many got pregnant). The pill itself was found to be 100% successful in stopping pregnancy from occurring. Dr. Edris Rice-Wray was in charge of the trials on the ground, and reported that 17% of the women in the study complained of serious and sustained nausea, dizziness, headaches, stomach pain and vomiting. She told Pincus that the dosage being given had “too many side reactions to be generally acceptable.” The side effects were written off as psychosomatic, and the 3 women who died during the experiment were not investigated at all. In 1957 Enovid was approved and went into mass production.

Further Reading: Washington Post, PBS, National Geographic, History Channel, Wikipedia

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with vaccines… Well, simply put, the institutions, corporations, and sometimes the very people who are deciding which vaccines get approved, which ones become mandatory, and what the masses are told.

I obviously didn’t include anywhere near all the experiments & mass poisonings like this that have been committed. These are just some of the best documented ones. I mostly left of where I did for my own sanity; after days of digging through this stuff I’m losing it a little bit. If you’d like to dive deeper down this rabbit hole, I’d recommend starting with:

  • The Terre Haute Prison Experiment
  • The use of depleted uranium in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria
  • Projects MKULTRA & MKNAOMI
  • The use of white phosphorous in Iraq & Syria
  • Operation Midnight Climax
  • The use of Agent Orange in Vietnam
  • Puerto Rico Radiation Experiments
  • Injecting & feeding people plutonium
  • Operation Paperclip
  • Forced Sterilizations in more than 30 states
  • Operation Top Hat
  • CIA releasing whooping cough virus in Tampa Bay
  • Dr. Cornelius Rhoads injecting Puerto Ricans with cancer
  • Spraying San Francisco with Serratia marcescens
  • Treating cancer patients with HIGH radiation
  • Granting immunity to Dr. Shiro Ishii (head of Japan’s Unit 731) in exchange for his research
  • Testing dozens of nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands
  • 2001 Anthrax infections – proven to originate in a US lab
  • Adding Hydrofluorosilicic Acid to drinking water
  • Testing on US military
    • Mustard gas
    • Nuclear fallout
    • Psychedelics & Psychotropics

Here are a couple of good places to start:

It’s important to remember how carefully the government covered up these various “experiments”, and that we still have no idea how many more are currently classified or simply haven’t been uncovered yet. The simple fact is that the purpose of all government is simply to create a monopoly on force to be used by a small group of people. It is quite obvious that the US government has a LONG history of disregarding human rights, basic ethics, and is the largest empire to ever have existed, the only people to ever have dropped nuclear bombs on other humans (far more during “experiments” than in war), and is generally not a group/institution that should ever be trusted to do anything except advance the agricultural-pharmaceutical-military industrial complex.

In upcoming pieces in this series, I will be covering Washington DC’s revolving door with the pharmaceutical industry, the various conflicts of interest amongst FDA & CDC employees, and the many recalls, cases of fraud, and downright lies told to Congress & the American people… then we’ll move into the actual science of vaccination & immunization (2 very different things), the debunked idea of “herd immunity” (now called “community immunity”), the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, and much more.

I was planning on working my way through this whole topic in a relatively short period of time, but after working on this post for a few days, I’ve decided I’m probably only going to do 1 episode per month, and limit my research on the topic to the week or so before that episode is published, because this is some HEAVY shit.

Image Sources
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This article was republished with permission from Kenny. It originally appeared on his steemit page. 

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