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VIDEO – Survival Gardening In The Heat with Marjory Wildcraft


From Marjory Wildcraft’s GrowYourOwnGroceries.org

Growing food in your backyard when its over 100 degrees for more than three months? How do you do that? If you are looking for something more than the usual “mulch and drip irrigation” answer…. Find out what the old-timers used to do, what plants will work the best, what not to do (if you can avoid it), and some surpise options you probably have never heard of.

Have you got any tips or suggestions for growing food in the heat? Share them please – We would love to know.

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Honky Tonk TN
Honky Tonk TN
8 years ago

I love how she explains things in a clear, slow and steady pace packed full of information. One summer we have temps above 100F for days and peaked out at 116F around Nashville. Where she was in TX, it was 126F. We had found that the direct sunlight just cooked and dried everything out. Thus, to block the sunlight from 10am to 3pm is a MUST DO. One solution was building a garden pergola. It doesn’t have to be more than 6ft high and can provide the shade needed to keep gardens from dying in the heat. Treat the pergola… Read more »

Catherine Bleish
8 years ago
Reply to  Honky Tonk TN

Can I repost your comment as a post on our blog?