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How to Stay Fresh While Off Grid + DIY Baby Wipes


Many people use lots of water while showering at home, but this is not an option for people living off the grid.

Our culture encourages daily showering, but is that really best for your hygiene?  I found that when I stopped washing my face, my acne went away!

  • (Psst: DIY Baby Wipe Recipe at bottom of article)


A new study indicates that daily washing/scrubbing/showering does not actually help our bodies!

According to the new study, taking baths too frequently can make a person’s body more susceptible to various health issues because it often leaves the skin dry and cracked. These openings on the skin provide bacteria and other infection-causing microbes a way to enter the body.

If washing yourself daily is not good for you, then going off the grid might not be as hard as you imagined. So how do you stay fresh while minimizing your water usage?

The first tip in this YouTube video is to eat food that is good for you!  When you are eating toxic food, your body will sweat out the toxins and you can actually smell the toxic release through body odor.

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This couple bathes once a week, and uses natural products to keep their body fresh. In the summer they shower more due to sweat and dirt. It is important to use natural products because our bodies absorb chemicals through the largest organ in our body – your skin!

When you are making the transition to low water usage and natural products, you will have to go through a period of trial and error to figure out what works for your body chemistry.  This couple makes their own deodorant using baking soda and lavender oil.  I personally used Silver Botanicals all natural deodorant.

This couple also uses natural soaps like Dr. Bronners – these products clean your skin without adding to the toxic load your body has to endure on a weekly basis. By eating a teaspoon of coconut oil a day, your hair/skin/nails will improve, and may contribute to you feeling less like you need to wash your hair.

As you transition to a less shower-heavy hygiene routine, you may need to baby step your way into using products less. This means you can start washing your hair every other day before you transition to once a week. You will notice your body slowly become accustomed to less washing, so it will start to produce less oil!

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They even encourage you to make your own baby wipes instead of buying chemical laden ones.

DIY Baby Wipes

  • Cup of water
  • Squirt of Natural Soap
  • Squirt of Almond Oil
  • Few drops of lavender and tea tree oil

Also check out this recipe.

Have you ever made hygiene products yourself?  Tell us your favorite recipe here!

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Mary Buerkley
8 years ago

Interesting, reminds me of my childhood.

Rechel Harris
Rechel Harris
8 years ago

You just eat the coconut oil off a spoon or add it to other foods?

8 years ago
Reply to  Rechel Harris

In my coffee!

Linda Williams
Linda Williams
8 years ago

Thank you so much! I enjoyed your video, I use coconut oil and baking soda as my deodorant it works well. I am looking forward to seeing more.