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Edible Cutlery to Help in Waste Reduction


Edible Cutlery

Narayana Peesapaty, founder of India-based company Bakeys, has created edible cutlery (namely spoons) which is produced using the flour of food grains.

edible cutlery

Forbes published an article on the cutlery, describing how it will help reduce plastic waste, which can take 450 years to decompose.

The cutlery is available for purchase through Bakeys’ website, and available with sweet and savory flavors. Currently all three flavors of spoon are out of stock.

You can also find similar edible spoons on Amazon:

edible spoons 2

Pidy Amusette Appetizer or Dessert Spoon Shell

Check out this TEDxVITVellore video about the cutlery:

Other Alternatives

In early May, The Homestead Guru’s Cat Bleish published an article on leaf dinnerware that naturally decomposes, that is being developed at Thailand’s Naresuan University.

Here are some palm leaf dining sets via amazon:

palm leaf dining set.jpg

Imagine eating your soup from a leaf-based bowl with an edible spoon! Talk about changing times.


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