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Off Grid Device Converts Household Waste in to Sustainable Energy


It’s called HomeBiogas, and the company behind it claims it will change the world.

It works by using bacteria to decompose household waste, such as food scraps and pet litter, producing biogas which can then be used as run of the mill cooking gas.


The HomeBiogas, which is 100% off the grid and requires zero electricity, creates a home eco-cycle right in your backyard.  A byproduct of the process is plant fertilizer.  This means you can take the fertilizer, use it to grow food, cook the food with the biogas from the machine, then take the leftovers and feed them back in to the device.


What started as a mission to bring off grid energy to under-served communities has now become an effort to mass produce the system and bring it to homes across world.  The company behind HomeBiogas is currently doing an IndiGogo campaign raising money to bring the system to market.  Right now, the device is selling through the crowd-funding campaign for just under $1000 and when that is over it will retail for $1500.  The company claims it will pay for itself within three years.

Visit the IndieGogo campaign and learn more here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/homebiogas-create-your-own-energy#/ 

Wanna do it yourself for less than $1000!?!  Click the image below to find some informative how to books on the subject of biogas…….


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8 years ago

How does the gas get into your house?