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Can Your Sustainable RV Also be Comfortable?


Tuning Your RV For Sustainability And Comfort 

Of all of the vacations and trips Americans take every year, the road trip is one of the most popular. According to an February 2018 article in the NYT, 39% of vacations were road trips in 2016. While many of these were car-based, an increasing proportion are via RV; according to CNBC, RV sales are up 17.2%. Why?

What an RV-based adventure holds over other forms of transport is versatility. You can take your preparations to another level and, as a result, enjoy trips that are comfortable and give you the opportunity to become self-sustained. The inherent space and flexibility of the RV offers opportunity.

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The basics: vehicle equipment

Safety is paramount with the RV, as it is with all road vehicles. You should ensure your vehicle is rigged with emergency power and fuel as a first consideration. It’s worth investing in solar charging for the battery and appliances – that way you can be sustainable during your trip and remove reliance on the grid. Have a good look at the health of your vehicle, too; certain tires have led to injuries, according to USA Today, so it’s worth ensuring each aspect of your vehicle is in good working order.

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From there, you can consider what you’re fitting your vehicle out with. It’s worth looking into good refrigeration for better quality food and drink; newer models of mini fridges are more energy efficient. The same goes for your cooking facilities. A hotter burner will enable you to make better grub on the road and will be more energy efficient, raising the prospect of using biofuels. A separate water supply is always helpful, and modern RVs can collect rainwater so you have a backup. This is useful if driving from rainy to hot areas where water will be much needed. Furthermore, this is a great way of staying sustainable.

Bringing Out the Luxury

The space an RV provides gives you carte blanche to fit it with the luxuries to make your journey a memorable one. Judiciously spending your money where it best suits you will help to turn your vehicle into a roving palace. What’s more, it can help you become more sustainable.

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Bedding is a great area to invest in. By purchasing a good quality mattress you can guarantee your comfort when sleeping, and good quality bedding in natural fibers will help too. A medium-firmness mattress will also benefit a sore back from long driving stints. It will also last you a long time; whereas a poor one are often packed with pollutants, according to GreenPlanet USA, and have a higher carbon footprint due to frequent replacement. The higher quality mattresses will also require infrequent repair and replacement, making you more independent.

Another aspect you could focus on for outfitting your vehicle is entertainment. Use your space for TVs, consoles, or even just a sitting area where traditional games and reading can be enjoyed. You can implement cheap and environmentally friendly LED strips to develop ambiance in your vehicle, aiding relaxation and saving energy.

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Your RV adventure is likely to be memorable and worthwhile from the comfort of your vehicle. Taking it to that next level is easy, due to the space available to you and the aid of technology. What’s more, by investing in improved equipment for your vehicle, you can help out the planet, too.

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