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Avoid These Four Sources of Heavy Metals and Improve Your Health Today


Heavy metals bring many toxins into our lives. To eliminate them you must be aware of these 4 sources. With the number of people going off grid growing exponentially, the human race, just might have a chance of survival. Once your body has been affected by heavy metals, it is even harder to cleanse yourself of them. Watching your food source is the first way to stop these toxins from entering your life.

Mercury in Fish

Mercury in fish has been known to have high contaminants. The government warns us that eating certain fish like shark and swordfish can be dangerous. Now it is important to watch your intake of Tuna, Sea bass, Halibut, and Marlin as well. New studies done by an Environmental Working Group, determined that pregnant and nursing women who ate the given standard of fish, had 30% higher levels of mercury than what the FDA deems safe. This is a cause for awareness as more people are plagued with miscarriages.

Lead in Bone Broth

Lead in bone broth has even been found in broth from Organic chickens. When an animal or human is exposed to lead, it is stored in the bones. When we make broth from the bones of an animal that has been exposed to lead, it can create a toxic broth.

Cadmium in E-cigarettes

Cadmium in e-cigarettes has been linked with cancers of the lung, pancreas, breast, prostate, endometrium, and urinary bladder. It’s a toxic heavy metal and its high levels seem to be due to contaminated soil. If you smoke e-cigarettes make sure your source is coming from an uncontaminated place.

Arsenic in Rice

Arsenic has been found in Rice. It is known to absorb arsenic from irrigation water, soil, and even cooking water. Being exposed to Arsenic has been linked to heart disease, kidney disease, brain disease, and diabetes. Rice baby formulas have recently been a cause for concern. Alternatives like oats, barley, and multigrain have been suggested.

Eating conventionally farmed products brings an abundance of toxins into our lives, including pesticides and herbicides. Eating organically grown food for even one week can substantially lower toxins in our bodies. It is apparent to me, that growing and raising our own food is the only option to continuing a healthy lifestyle for the next generation.

Original source: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-24492/4-hidden-sources-of-toxic-heavy-metals-that-can-harm-your-health.html

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