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Boho Homestead – Bohemian Inspired DIY Wonderland


Boho Homestead

Boho Homestead
New Pallets Gardens, and their pallet furniture on the Boho Homestead.

Introducing the Boho Homestead, a bohemian inspired homestead in New Hampshire.

Dayna Martin is best known for her very public advocacy for a child-led educational philosophy called Radical Unschooling.

She says she never intended to start a homestead, it just happened naturally as their family learned new things and grew together.

Inspired by Passion

hand forged
Hand forged knife by Devin Martin

Their son, Devin is really into survival – he builds his own survival shelters, makes his own clothes, and even forges his own knives and swords.

Most of his work is inspired by medieval times – and he now has his own etsy shop selling the products he makes.

Over the years I have followed their family, Devin seemed to be the first of the bunch to really start utilizing their property to facilitate his passion.

boho homestead
Goji Berry Garden on the Boho Homestead

Their daughter Ivy loves the beauty they have created and Dayna’s husband Joe loves the money they are saving by growing more and more food at home. The picture above shows their goji berry (super-food) garden.

Special and Unique

There are two things I find so special about this homestead:

  1.  It is a vegan homestead! The family is passionate about animal rights, and while our views diverge on eating animals, I love the life they have created around their values. They use zero animal products on their property, and chose the Back to Eden mulch fertilization technique over manure of any sort.

    boho homestead
    Upcycled plates used to make wall art on the Boho Homestead.
  2. The color and vibrancy. I have never seen a property so full of creative energy. You can feel the love they have poured into their homestead through the photos. Dayna says that art has helped her to become more present and mindful and has brought her family together. I hope to visit and experience it in the flesh one day!

YouTube Inspired

boho homestead
YouTube Inspired Pallet Garden Fence.

While I have followed her unschooling and home-birth advocacy since I was pregnant with my first child, her actual property first caught my attention when she built this DIY pallet fence.

Dayna was inspired by a video she saw on youtube, and along with her husband Joe, she picked up over 150 pallets from a 20 locations. They could only fit 14 pallets in their vehicle at a time, so the project took a LOT of work for the family.

Dayna says the effort was worth it. She and her husband were able to connect in a special way as they traveled back and forth to collect the pallets. One pallet at a time, she surrounded her property making this beautiful and cost-free fence.

The Creative Expansion

boho homestead
This boho herb garden was created earlier this year.

“When we consciously bring Peace and Compassion to our awareness through creativity, we start a momentum with the energy of the space we share with those we love and it becomes an experience of transformation….”
-Dayna Martin

Next she began to add pallet furniture, raised bed gardens, pallet gardens, herb gardens, and so much creative beauty.

Dayna is truly the queen of upcycling. From dumpster diving, to thrift stores, this woman can turn any item into an absolute treasure. Its one of the things that makes her property so fun and unique.

Beauty From the Inside Out

boho homestead
Dayna painting a mandala on her floor. It is a very important symbol in her journey as a woman and mother.

Dayna’s Boho Homestead isn’t just beautiful on the outside, she has turned the inside of her home into a work of art as well. The following photos depict the time, energy and love she has put into her home and property. Please enjoy, and be sure to follow the Sparkling Martins on their blog and YouTube Channel.

boho homestead
Glass Mushrooms created with upcycled glass bowls and glass vases.
boho homestead
Lavender Garden and upcycled washboards.
boho homestead
Upcycled bed posts, spools, and pallets on the Boho Homestead.
boho homestead
Pallet Gardens on the boho homestead.

“It is an ever-evolving space that will never be done. Just like life itself, it is about the Journey.”
-Dayna Martin

boho30 boho29 boho26 boho27 boho28 boho23 boho24 boho25 boho20 boho21 boho22


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Which picture is your favorite?



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Cindra Simpson
Cindra Simpson
8 years ago

I LOVE the paisley floor! That is my favorite…..I also believe what you said about your homestead never being finished because it was like life being a journey, not a destination! I have sold my family house and moving into a much smaller house and I am grateful. Even though I am simplifying, I need to have color in my world…..lots of it!! All of your projects gave me great ideas, and I am ready to start my own boho decorating! Thank you so much and may peace be with you! Cindra….P.S. How far are you from Londonderry? My daughter… Read more »

Tiffeney Cox
Tiffeney Cox
7 years ago

The bathroom with the copper tiles and personal painting is my fav., but actually love it all.

Lynne Kaesemeyer
Lynne Kaesemeyer
7 years ago

This sounds great sign me up!!!